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Re: Reusing code?

m wrote:
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Yep, in windows, you can make a text file named myfile.bat that contains
  simple dos commands, put it in the folder you want to process & click
it. I forget what joins files but a > sends output to a new file like:

dir *.html > htmlist.txt

put that in a bat file & click it. Whatever the join commmand is, let's
pretend it's [join] in a folder full of pages, with a subfolder of
common header & footers:

[join] common\header.htm *.htm common\footer.htm > results\*.htm

or something like that <g>

it's easy to just make it a dopey list with cut & paste too:

[join] common\header.htm page1.htm common\footer.htm > results\page1.htm
[join] common\header.htm page2.htm common\footer.htm > results\page2.htm
[join] common\header.htm page3.htm common\footer.htm > results\page3.htm
[join] common\header.htm page4.htm common\footer.htm > results\page4.htm
[join] common\header.htm page5.htm common\footer.htm > results\page5.htm

Re: Reusing code?

On Tue, 17 Feb 2004 23:32:26 +0000, Brett Baisley wrote:

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While pure HTML won't work, you *can* configure the web server (Apache,
say) to process .html files for SSI.

Example (this goes inside httpd.conf):

# To use server-parsed HTML files
AddType text/html .shtml .html .booger
AddHandler server-parsed .shtml .html .booger

# There, I just configured Apache to process all *.booger files as
# SSI files, as well as .html *and* .shtml

Note: Parsing *every* .html file will, however, add overhead and will slow
down the server a smidge. But not much.

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Re: Reusing code? says...
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SSI.  As you've said you can't get that to work, try this: /

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Re: Reusing code?

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Bottom line is... get with a host that supports SSI and hopefully uses
Apache servers.... then you can take full advantage of using includes in
your pages, and you can set up an .htaccess file so that you don't have
to rename your pages to end in .shtml

For more info, see SSI on the Menu on this page:

And look here to learn how to set up and configure an .htaccess file for

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Re: Reusing code?

Brett Baisley wrote:

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Zis thread completely died?  
Took me too long to get the public version
of my free preprocessor suite going.

Anyway, try: /
...might help
cheers  m

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