Retarded IE bug

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Had some problems with a page I'm working on. I stripped it down to the
minimum test-case:
Hmmm, some duplicated characters.
Take the comments out of the HTML, and all is fine again.

Is this possibly the most retarded/pointless IE bug ever?

After some googling, I found this:

WHY ?!?!?!?!


Re: Retarded IE bug

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I dont see any difference...

Re: Retarded IE bug

WindAndWaves wrote:

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Yes, but easy to solve. Just don't use the entire width of the
window (not 5x 20% or 4x25% width for instance) when using
floating columns, or as you said, take out the comments :-)
Quoted text here. Click to load it

Only shows on certain window widths, if you just pull the side
of the window from left to right, you'll see the effect come and

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Re: Retarded IE bug

Oli Filth wrote:
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IE and even Firefox sometimes render content a little differently
depending HOW you tab (indent) your markup, which really IS stupid. I
had a fault earlier this week where if I had a line break between
</div></div> IE would add a space on the page. No reason at all. TO my
horror I discovered Firefox shifted the content a few pixels if I
commented out the trailing </div> as well! WHY do browser parse
unprinted linebreaks (and, only sometimes). It's annoying!


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