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Firstly sorry if this is the wrong section to post this, but Im building a
web site where user's can log directly into a section.... here's the
question. how do i set up the restricted webpage so that users can just
put in the url of the restricted webpage.By the way Im runing apache web
server through windows. Anyone anyanswers Id be very very


Re: restricted pages.

On Tue, 01 Mar 2005 09:00:33 -0500, nialltimpson wrote:

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.htaccess is what you need.  Google search for the full documents.  If you
want just one user to access, or all users use only one account, it is
very easy.  It is a little more complicated if you want multiple user
accounts.  For that you need a .htgroup file as well.  (You can change the
name of the group and password files, and also locate them where you want.)

If you have lots of users to handle, then you might want to look into
linking a database, mysql for example, into the .htaccess file.  Yeah,
even more complicated, but a lot easier to maintain with numerous users.


Re: restricted pages.

Well The way I have the page created is using applets, so i guess it would
be the same page with multible people accessing it. because the applets
are client to my own app server. thanks very much ill look into this
htaccess thing first before I look into .htgroup. I have a database
attached but for security reasons I have it connected to my app server and
then communication is done through the app server.... if you follow,(bad

Thanks again.

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