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If you point your browser to , you'll see
a problem (other than the top logo). These are ALL IE problems

At 800 x 600 on IE, there is a gap between the yellow box and the dashed
line. If you resize the browser window to enlarge it, the yellow box
expands faster than the text on the right  and quickly covers the text on
the right.

If you reduce the size of the window, the yellow box decreases in size
faster than the text on the right hand size.

Obviously, there is a problem with the style sheet, but I can't see what.
The left column is set at width 25%; (yes, it may be better to use ems -
but would that sort the problem?) with no fixed size to the right column
(though I have experimented with setting that at 75% with no joy).

Any pointers to the problem would be appreciated. The stylesheet and
index.html page both validate.



Re: Resizing problem

Paul F. Johnson wrote:
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Please use the real URL when showing examples: /

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The problem is too much css.  The layout you are trying to achieve has no
need of position:fixed/relative.  Make use of float and use em/ex for width

William Tasso -

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