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I have a page with 3 scrolling select option lists on the left. When an
item in one of the lists is selected information appears on the right.
You can go back and forth between lists to see the same or different

There is one annoyance. If I select an item from the first list and then
select an item in the second list, the item in the first list remains
highlighted. If I then return to the first list and select the same item
nothing happens since there has not been a change in selection.

Is there a way to reset the selection in one list when an item in
another list is selected?

You can see the page at

Dennis M. Marks

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Re: Reset Selected Item in Select Option List

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Have you had a look at the .selected or .selectedIndex properties of the
options list? No idea if this will work or if it is even good style, I
just spotted these properties on my Visibone Javascript card.

BTW you might want to consider alternate content (e.g. "Sorry, this page
requires JavaaScript") for users w/o Javascript. I run with it off and
it confused me that there was nothing clickable on the page.


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