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I have some html and xml/xsl where all of the pages, images etc. are being
loaded from a .dll file using the res:// protocol.   I am using Internet
Explorer 6.0.  Everything works fine, except I don't seem to be able to
submit a form to another page within the dll.  I can link to other pages in
the dll, just not submit to them.

This works:

This doesn't:

I get a page not found error.

Does anyone know why this is and how I can get around it?

Re: res:// protocol

Nik Coughin said:

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Re: res:// protocol

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A form assumes a server at "the other end".

A .dll is not a server.

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Yep. There is no such resourse as "Invalid?T1=&T2=&B1=Submit" in your .dll.

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No. There is no way around this. It is the same as if you were to use the
file: protocol. No HTTP server, no forms.

What exactly did you expect to happen?


Re: res:// protocol

Doesn't need an http server becuase I am parsing the GET information with
Javascript.  I'm using <form method="GET" action="test.html"> in input.html
and test.html uses Javascript to read the submitted values.  Not so hard,
and it works fine with the file:// protocol.  So there must be another
reason why it doesn't work.  Thanks anyway.

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Re: res:// protocol

Basically because it doesn't allow for the passing of variables at the end
of the string, ie the ? symbol and following characters are not passed when
using the res protocol.  At first I thought that you couldn't pass anything
other than the name of the resource, but anchors work fine, ie

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Re: res:// protocol

[top posting corrected]

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That's different then.

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Er, I don't think this is the problem.

When you use file:// or res:// your request is farmed out to the operating
system. The OS is quite particular about what can and can not be in a file
name and it is also quite literal. Give it a resource name of
"Invalid?T1=&T2=&B1=Submit" and that is exactly what it will search for.
This resource is, of course, not present in your .exe file.

The pulling apart of the above URL into a *page* called Invalid and some
*parameters* is done by an HTTP server. The file system does not know about
such things.

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The reasson this works is that the browser is stripping off the #test3 bit
in anticipation of an anchor with that name appearing when it fires off
res://test.dll/test. The #test3 is never sent to the server/file system.

AFAIK there is no solution to your problem, except perhaps to stuff the
parameters into a cookie that the next page can read.


Re: res:// protocol

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Bah.  Ah well, it's not critical anyway.  Thanks for your help!

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