REQ: Help me code an HTML line please

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I have a file 'index.htm' in my root directory.

It contains several url's for selective execution just fine.

But I have a program also in the root directory called 'setup.exe'
that I also want to execute selectively from the 'index.htm' file.
I can't get it right.

Can someone reply with the HTML code that will do the job?


Re: Help me code an HTML line please

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<a href="setup.exe">Setup</a>


Re: Re: Help me code an HTML line please

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I tried this, but I got an error message when I executed 'index.htm':

c:\docume~1\mylogin\locals~1\tempnn868vw.exe could not be saved,
because the source file could not be read.

Try again later or contact the server administrator.

I got the same error when I made several of my own tries earlier.

Can you make any sense out of this?


Re: Re: Help me code an HTML line please

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Where is the HTML file, in your root with setup.exe?

If not then <a href="/setup.exe">Setup</a>


Re: Re: Re: Help me code an HTML line please

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Okay - I tried to make my question simple to make replies easier, but
I still cannot get it to work.  So let me try to explain in detail
what I am doing.

I am using v1.1 to create .sxw files containing
documents of my household inventory because of this danged hurricane.
I use because it is free!  It seems to work for me just
fine BTW

I want to put these documents on a CD for recall later in case of a
disaster.  I have done that just fine.

Then, I thought, I should put the installation files on
the same CD so that the inventory files can be read.  Seemed a prudent
thing to do.  It would make the CD self-supporting.

The installation package contains several files,
including 'setup.exe' and 'setup.inf'.  Double clicking 'setup.exe'
naturally installs it.

I have my inventory .sxw files stored in folder
c:\my_data\inventory\inventory-data.  I stored a copy of the installation package in folder
c:\my_data\inventory\Open-Office-Installation, including setup.exe and

I created  'autorun.inf' and 'index.htm'  HTML files in folder
c:\my_data\inventory in order to make the ensuing CD autostart.

I then created a CD of everything under folder c:\my_data\inventory on
a  CD under its root.  The CD autostarts just fine,  and the link to
inventory-data gives links to all the .sxw inventory files just fine.
And since is already installed on my HDD, I can view
the inventory files.  The link to install does not
work, however.  It fails whether I execute the index.htm file from a
CD or from my HDD.

The index.htm line for the inventory files link is:
<a href="Inventory-Documents">Inventory
</a>.  This works fine.

The index.htm line for the installation link is:
<a href="/Open-Office-Installation/setup.exe">open-office-installation
</a>.  This does not work.

I hope I have stated things correctly and I will appreciate being told
what I am doing wrong.


Re: Help me code an HTML line please - It works!

Hey - I got it to work!

All I had to do was make htm and html files be opened by IExplorer and
not Netscape.

No idea what is wrong with my Nescape (v7.1).  I thought I had the
latest.  But something is clearly wrong with my installation.

Thanks for your helps.

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