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A few people viewing have been
having problems with a table at the bottom of the page (it has three pngs

As the second season is due to air in a couple of weeks, I've decided to
give the website a makeover and fix some parts which were annoying me
(the table being one of them).

I've replaced the table with a small piece of css, but as you can see if
you look at the graphics are in the
wrong place now (from the top, their fine from the left).

The css controling the position of the graphics is

#logos {
   float: left;
   position: relative;

not exactly rocket science!

Can anyone see what I've done wrong? The page probably won't validate on
w3c (I've not tried it).



Re: Replacing a table

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Looking at the first page:
Nwv_logo.png and Salford.png are small, compared to Kino_small. Too many
graphics in a row.

You could cut kino_small into smaller bits and/or bring some graphics down to
another TR and center them.

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