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I have a problem and hope there is a solution to it. I wan't to have a
webpage with only one frame and in a way that there would be a menu on the
left and content on the right. If I have a new page for every different
content, how can I make the image of a menu stop reloading each time a new
content is loaded? Is there any way that I could tell the browser to keep
that image (menu) in memory or something. I would just like some things
fixed on every page that opens and others that change (new content).

Thanks very much for answering


Re: reloading the same images

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Oh my.

Firstly don't use frames.

Secondly dont pre-guess the cache, it works better than you can imagine.

Thirdly, well, rephrase your quesion so I can sort of understand it.


Re: reloading the same images

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I don't think he does. I know one frame isn't the same as no frames, but
that is what he meant.

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Again, I think he hasn't heard of cache before. It's a mechanism with which
browsers (usually) keep in memory pages and pictures they've seen before.
Maybe you haven't noticed, but with all probability the page loads quicker
on you computer now than it did for the first time - that's because your
browser's got it cached.
However, the browser must still render the page each time you want it to
show up, and it must determine that the image it's got in the cache is fresh
enough, i.e. that the "real" image on the server hasn't changed yet.
Some flicker is therefore almost inevitable.

And, concerning SSI, I don't think that's what you were asking for, but if
you plan to have more than just a few pages on your site, SSI is well worth
looking into.

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That's not a very bad idea - you really put it a bit clumsily.

Re: reloading the same images

Gregor Traven wrote:

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I think you mean this:

You have a page and you want part of that page to repeat on all other
pages - like a banner, menu etc? You dont want to add these by hand to
each page?

You need to use something called SSI (server side include), which
effectively get the web server itself to repeat content on lots of
pages. These items will get cached on a users machine as part of the
page they view, so you shouldn't end up with massive downloads.

Google for SSI.


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Re: reloading the same images

I guess I wasn't clear enough on what I wanted. Sorry for mentioning frames,
I meant that I don't want any frames at all. Till now I had three frames. In
my left frame was the menu bar. Of course because this menu was in its own
frame it loaded only once when someone visited my page and then stayed put
when that visitor browsed through my page. But if I want to have a webpage
without any frames, each new content that would be loaded would have to
include a menu for navigation, of course. My question is, how do I prevent
this menu from being loaded over and over again when a visitor browses
through my webpage. I believe that SSI solves this problem but I don't won't
to mess with these server side stuff.

Thanks again

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Re: reloading the same images

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You don't. The HTML code for the menu is part of each page and so will
be downloaded each time a new page is downloaded. All you can do is
minimise the amount of code downloaded (e.g. by making full use of
stylesheets and keeping your HTML to the minimum).

Your subject line mentiones images. Once the image is downloaded it
will be cached by the browser and thus it won't need to be downloaded
again. (The actual HTML <img> will needed to be downloaded again but
that's insignificat when compared to the size of the image.)

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No it doesn't. SSI takes place entirely on the server. It creates the
HTML that is downloaded, but if puts the same piece of HTML into each
page then that same piece of HTML will be downloaded each time.


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Re: reloading the same images

Thanks very much Steve, that's all I wanted to know.

Best regards
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