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Right i've recently set up my server to point any invalid pages within my
domain (404 errors) to my own error page.

Try it out for yourself at: for example should send you to my error

The problem comes in when somebody might type:

It goes to my error page but the images are not present due to incorrect
relative referencing. I somehow need to reference to my images in an
absolute manner. I'd rather not do this as if you see what i mean. Id rather do
it just from the root directory but im not quite sure how this works....
especially since im using the same code for my menu for all pages. Get me?

Re: Relative location of images

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I wouldn't go to that extreme of nit pickin.
what if I typed in "dilly", "willy","filly"?
If the page don't exist, their own browser will let them know.
By going to that extreme, you're just wasting bandwidth.

Re: Relative location of images

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So my host doesn't have the capability of working with nonexistant pages.
I'm supposed to think of all the zillions of possibilites and redirect?
The way I see it, if the user is going in through a back door, I have to ask
myself, why?
Is he looking for a way to hack my site?
Or is he  just out on a fishing trip to see what else I might have that he
won't have to pay for.
I can always check the stats and see what pages were called on and work from
Or I can just put in a simple redirect to the home page.

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