Relative/Absolute path question

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My directory structure is as follows -


savechanges.gif is in the buttons directory.

In the jsp directory I have a jsp file with this line in

 <img src="images/buttons/savechanges.gif">

When the jsp file is deployed on my webserver (tomcat 5 or Weblogic 8.1) the
image is displayed in the browser correctly.

But to get it to show in a package such as Dreamweaver the path has to look
like this "/images/buttons/savechanges.gif" with an
initial "/" - I do understand the difference between absolute/relative paths
but just can't see why this should be!

With the "/" in front it stops displaying in the browser!

Any ideas? - probably something really stupid I'm missing!



Re: Relative/Absolute path question

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Actually (as per the directory structure you provided,) if your working in
the "jsp directory" the correct path for the example you provide would be
".. /images/buttons/savechanges.gif"

If you were in your root directory WEB-INF (higher than either jsp or
images) the link would then be "images/buttons/savechanges.gif".

In the event you were in a sub-directory of the jsp, perhaps "jsp/sib-jsp"
than the relative path would be "../../images/buttons/savechanges.gif".

Re: Relative/Absolute path question

thanks for that, got my thinking now, perhaps its the web server setup thats
wrong - cheers!

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