Refresh one frame from link in another frame?

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I've tried Google and found many solutions, but can't seem to make any of
them work...

I have a frameset that contains two frames... "nav" and "pages". In the nav
frame I have a link called "refresh". When I click this link I want the
content of the pages frame to refresh the same as if I had right clicked the
frame and chose REFRESH from the menu.

I've tried the following (and many more) with no success.

<span style="float:left; cursor:hand;"
onclick="parent.frames['pages'].location.reload();"> Refresh</span>
<span style="float:left; cursor:hand;" onclick="parent.pages.history.go();">
<span style="float:left; cursor:hand;" onclick="parent.pages.reload();">

How can I refresh the pages from from a link in the nav frame???

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