Refresh HTML page automatically only once

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I have  a page connected to a database and using ASP and VBScript
scripting. There is a variable that must be set on this page for the
next page to load properly. When this page is accessed via a link the
variable gets set and there is no problem. However if you are on the
detail page and click the back button to the page that sets the
variable, the variable does not get set because it isn't actually
reloaded, just taken from the browsers cache. Is there a way using HTML
(or any scripting language useable by HTML) to auto refresh the page
once and once only?

Any help is greatly appreciate.


Re: Refresh HTML page automatically only once wrote:

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If caching is the problem, it sounds like you need to set the HTTP headers
to expire pages immediately.

However, browsers cache pages for a good reason and this'd really slow
things down. If the site relies on things like if the user clicked back or
whatever maybe a rethink of your design is worth considering.

Re: Refresh HTML page automatically only once

True, I could do it with two separate pages and no variable being set,
easy enough to do since I would just be making an exact copy of the
page essentially. However I would like to know, for future reference,
if there is a way to auto refresh a page in HTML once and once only.

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