referencing an element in another frame

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I am experimenting with dynamically loading images selected from a drop down box.
I want the user to be able to select a month and when the selection is made to
load the graphic in the other frame by changing the src attribute dynamically
The idea is that the user can select a month and the existing weather graph
in the other frame will change to that month.
(BTW: the frames themselves come up ok - one on top and one on bottom)
I have also verified that the right value (the graph file name) is being passed
to the function I put the graphic in its own frame page like this, the page is
called wxContent.html:
<body background="wx_bgpattern.jpg">
<div id="monthlyGraph">
    <img src=wxGraph_02_2010.gif>

The selection window(frame) is a page called wxSelect.html and this
is where i have trouble.
How do i reference the graphic in wxContent.html?
<body background="wx_bgpattern.jpg">

<script type="text/javascript">
function changeGraph(gname)
var x=document.getElementById("wxcontent");
var y=(x.contentWindow || x.contentDocument);
if (y.document)y=y.document;

<form name="g_select">
<p><select name="g_month" size="1">
<option selected value="wxGraph_02_2010.gif">Feb 2010</option>
<option value="wxGraph_03_2010.gif">Mar 2010</option>
<option value="wxGraph_04_2010.gif">Apr 2010</option>
 <input type="button" value="Go"



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