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hello, i am soon going to be putting some (streaming) video files on a
website i am building but i am having trouble with

a - my redirector file
b - my browser configuration

ive got a (test) wvx redirector file to work in IE (by telling my download
manager to ignore such files)
but in opera and firefox clicking on the link just opens the wvx file in a
new page

i followed spartanicus'  (from his why embedding is wrong page) words
exactly - or i hope i have

anyway the link is and it is
down at the bottom
- korean test stream -

would it be possible for any of you to go and have a try tell me what
happens and maybe make some suggestions.

thankyou very muchos


Re: redirector files


It is a petty point, but if you must obfuscate your real email, you
really, really should not choose anything that could be a valid domain.

"" would work because "email" is not a valid TLD but
your "" is and whois:

# Registrant:
# Charles Yu
# 819-1 Ilgok-dong Puk-gu
# hyundai 3 Apt. 303-1202
# Gwangju, . 500160
# KR
# Registrar: DOTSTER
# Domain Name: NPERSON.COM
# Created on: 11-MAY-03
# Expires on: 11-MAY-07
# Last Updated on: 27-MAR-06

Take care,


Re: redirector files

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crumbs sorry i never realised (i shall change it)... but the amount of spam
i am still getting from using my real email address from years ago is the
reason i no longer use it unless asked.... thanks for your help though.

Re: redirector files

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It seems sensible to use .invalid for this purpose because it has been
reserved for it. <

Re: redirector files

a human person wrote:
Quoted text here. Click to load it

At you have:

<div class="content">
<div class="mediatitle">Film clips.</div>
<div class="mediadetails">
korean test stream (wmv - 6.5mb) &rarr; <a
href="../korea.wvx"type="video/x-ms-wmv">Stream</a> / Download

The above line seems to be missing a space between " and type.

Also, sometimes using the full url is best, but a relative one usually

<br />
afghan ladies' driving school (quicktime - 33mb) &rarr; Stream /

<br />
afghan ladies' driving school (real - 33mb) &rarr; Stream / Download



I usually use an embedded video, because I can control the video size,
and a full screen video on the WMP often is too grainy unless a very
high speed broadband video file is used. Your wvx and wmv files seem to
be correct and working, because I can get them to work using my method.
See .

Re: redirector files

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it is
cheers i'll try the gap and the full url bits and see if that helps

Re: redirector files

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damn no sadly it made no difference. still got problem with opera and
firefox... thanks for
taking the time to have a look.

Re: redirector files

cwdjrxyz wrote:
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You have something very strange going on. First see my page at . Since this video streams at
about 2 Mbps, it will only start streaming without much buffering on a
very good broadband connection. Here the essential video code of the
type you are using is working just fine on IE6, Mozilla family, and
Opera. Everything is on my domain. However if I substitute the url for
your wvx file, the code does not work right. However when I use my
embedded player with reference to your wvx file it works in the
mentioned browsers. Besides the missing space I mentioned, the type
should be type="video/x-ms-wvx" since you are using a wvx file here,
but this is not the problem.

I can think of a few things that could cause this strange behavior. The
proper mime types might not be installed on all of the servers you are
using. There could be a security problem.  Opera and Mozilla family
might be set not to allow transfer to a url in another domain in some
cases. If you can control the server you are using, my first stop would
be to check mime types and be sure the correct ones for .wmv and .wvx
are set; set them if not. Then I would install the .wmv video that is
on another server on your server. I would put all of the files in the
same directory to make things as simple as possible.

Re: redirector files

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in a
it is

that works in IE anf Firefox for me but not Opera, Opera just shows the text
in the wvx file where the video should be...
but as i said it might be my settings, and if its my settings it could be
everyones settings, which makes
the decision not to embed potentially more problematic than i thought.

Quoted text here. Click to load it

ooh this works fine in IE Opera and Firefox

Since this video streams at
Quoted text here. Click to load it

hmmm, for the time being the server belongs to 1&1, i just put the wmv file
on some space i have with them but at the moment the website (and wvx file)
linking to it is
not on 1&1, though hopefully soon i will be able to bring them all together
in the same place and do some more fiddling to get it working...

though it has got me thinking about the embed or not to embed argument and
whether or not the default security (would it be security?) settings on
peoples browsers would
stop the redirector file from working, in which case they may have to go
changing their settings which they may be scared of, or not know how to do,
whereas embedding would mean they might just
have to download a plugin to get it to work arghghg oh its confusing me now,
i wish i was more technically minded. Anyway i shall attempt soon to get
them all together on the same server in the same folders and see what
happens then. so i may be back at a later date to bother you again if thats
ok.. jeez i hate hangovers.

thanks again for everything.

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