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I have a site that lives inside a folder on another domain. Browsing for brings up in the address bar.

  The way this is done (which is a total surprise to me!), is that
my_cloaked_domain is living inside a framset!

  Is this the way domain redirection with cloaking is normally done?

  This presents problems to me in that I normally write absolute paths for
links, ie /about_us/some_page.html

  So I have several options to "fixing" this.

1) I can rewrite all the paths as relative

2)Add a base href

3)Include the domain's folder in the path /mycloakeddomain/aboutus/

  Pros and cons? Which will cause me the least trouble?

I have no idea why they went this route in the first place!


Re: redirection and frames

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AFAIK, yes.

"1)" is most flexible and a kind of investment for the future, if you ever
change your host. It's also the most wide-spread one.

The more radical answer is to dump the cloaking and use a simple redirection
service, avoiding trouble with bookmarking and such your visitors will have
due to frames.

Re: redirection and frames

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Yes. There is another way, but the redirection party would then have to
channel all traffic to your site via their servers, an option not many
are willing to offer, and if they do they expect you to pay for it.

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Get proper hosting, or accept the real url of your site.


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