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I wish to redirect visitors to my site that are using IE5.0  or IE5.2 Mac

I have found out a few things about conditional comments and redirecting
using php. The code below will redirect visitors using IE5.0 (I think!)

<!-- [if IE 5.0]>
<?php header("Location: /"); ?>
<! [endif] -->

The expression returns false for IE5.5 because I have stated IE5.0 and not
just IE5. This is good because I don't want to redirect IE5.5 as this
browser has no problem rendering the page containing the redirect code
above. But how do I catch visitors using IE5.2 Mac? Also, where is the best
place to put the code above, I had thought of putting it above the doctype
declaration, but I think I remember reading somewhere that if you have
anything other than white space before the dtd then it immediately puts the
browser into quirk mode - is that correct? Where would you put it and is
this a proper technique for redirecting? (please don't suggest that I fix
the page so it loads in any browser, I've spent many hours on this and I
just can't figure out how to make the page load OK in these two browsers,
the page in question is /

BTW - I have had one person tell me all is well in IE5 win98,  but I know
the problem occurs in IE5 win2000, is that possible, does the version of
windows OS matter?


Re: redirecting to a simpler page

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Why? duplication of code and not so reliable browser sniffing...


It would be good if you advised us how the site actually breaks with IE5.0.
I could fire up one of my partitions that has IE5 but, it's simpler to ask
you :-)

Quoted text here. Click to load it

Ah, this page again.

You asked me to not tell you this but I must. This is a really simple page.
There is no reason you should not be able to make it work in IE5 or any
other browser for that matter.

Ah, I see. I just looked at your source. Terribly complex for what it does.
So much unnecessary javascript to do what CSS can do anyway. No wonder you
are confusing IE5.

Apply a bit of the KISS principle.


Re: redirecting to a simpler page

Quoted text here. Click to load it

Hi Richard
The javascript stuff was generated by Fireworks. I did this for the
navigation down the left side of the page. This was done at the very
beginnings of my web designing ventures. I knew nothing about web design and
trusted progs like Fireworks to do a good job. I had no idea that it would
bulk out my code or confuse browsers.
The problem is the content (on this page consists of a flash banner type of
thing and an image map) contained within a div called 'content' which is
itself housed in a div called 'contentcontainer' ends up pressed against the
left side of the screen. It only happens in the two browsers above. From
what you say it would seem that if I chopped out all the code for the
navigation div that runs down the left side of the screen and replaced using
css, that would give browsers a less confusing time. I will try this, but
I'm not too sure if its going to help. Afterall, the javascript in the
navigation div doesn't directly affect the layout of other div's does it?
The contentcontainer div is simply positioned, relatively with a 200px left
so it lies next to the absolutely positioned navigation div rather than
under it, this makes it easy to center horizontally things contained within
the contentcontainer such as the content div which contains the imagemap and
the flash movie. That all sounds pretty straight forward to me and I am
confused why IE5 does not respect my relative positioning of the
contentcontainer div, any ideas. What happens in IE5 if the navigation div
is commented out altogether - I would appreciate it if you could let me know
what happens (my free trial of browsercam has run out and I'm running IE6)

many thanks for any further help


Re: redirecting to a simpler page

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I believe I gave you a good link to visit over in CIWAS. For IE5 Mac,
{position: relative;} is buggy.
I wholeheartedly agree with rf that your stylesheet is incredibly complex
for such a simple page.



Re: redirecting to a simpler page

Quoted text here. Click to load it

Yes, your right. I will give the stylesheet a good pruning, I know its full
of commented out bits which I did as I kept altering things. I will simplify
and see if that helps.
Thanks for the link, it was interesting, but the relative position bug isn't
quite what I experience in IE5 mac, for me, the relative positioning is
totally ignored - consequently, my content ends up pressed against the left
side of the screen. I think it may well be due to the over complicated
nature of my stylesheet and all the commented out bits. I will report back
if I have any success.
One last question, I would love to have IE5 on my PC in addition to IE6.
Could I achieve this by partitioning my hard drive using FDISK command.
Never tried this before. Would I need to load windows onto both partitions
and if so, which partition would boot up when I turn the computer on?

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