redesign a template with variables

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hi all i have a shopping cart from scs system        SCS3  .
well this program  as about 12 template  to make a webstore... what i
like to do is modifiy one of the template that i like it but  i try to
use the dreamwever and i only see text  "html"   var  files  no
table/frame ????  
those anyone everuse this kind template ???
what kind program is good to edit this kind template ???
i like to move couple thing around the template.

p.s.  i ask the  support or the forum with out any answer :(((

Re: redesign a template with variables

On Sat, 09 Aug 2003 17:04:45 +0100, Toby A Inkster

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notepade  well  i think i can use for html too  but  i will not see
where i will locate the frames and table  .."blid as bat" :))

here i will give you a little sample of the index.html

small part  

metatag  ecc ecc

<script LANGUAGE="JavaScript">

var msg='msg';

var actual_deliverycost=0;

var tot_ship_tax = 0;
var min_delivery1=8;
var min_delivery2=13;
var min_delivery3=10;
var min_delivery4=8;

var Delivery_Type=2;
var Fix_delivery=10;

var InState_delivery_PO=0;
var OutState_delivery_PO=0;
var OutCountry_delivery_PO=0;

<!--FIM-->    what's this  text mean, at the end of the index.html  ?

how can i move frames or table   with this stuff  ???

Re: redesign a template with variables

When sinclar sodersas was making a web page, a :-? appears and wrote:
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Perhaps it means the same as FIN (END).
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Re: redesign a template with variables

picayunish wrote:

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FIM is Portuguese, FIN would be French or Spanish.

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