Really bizarre problem in IE

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Please take a look at this page:

It behaves as I expect in Mozilla and Opera, but there are two glaring
differences in IE (5.5):

1) The anchors go all the way across the page.

2) When you move the mouse over the lower anchors, the margins on the higher
anchors disappear!

I know that these two problems are caused by setting the height style on the
anchors.  If I remove the height style, then the page in IE looks and behaves
just as it does in Mozilla and Opera.  The question is: why would setting the
height style cause those two problems in IE?

Re: Really bizarre problem in IE (void) wrote in

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In IE6, removing the spaces in between the anchors in the source solved the
second problem, even though it shouldn't have.  I can't figure out why
setting the height causes the first problem, though expliciting setting the
width for the anchors works (note that setting the width to 100% makes them

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