Re: What is a meta-tags ??

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Meta tags - actually Meta elements... go into the <head> of the document.

<meta name="description" content="describes the content of the page">
This one sometimes used by some search engines as the description of the
site, in addition to the Title element. IIRC Alta Vista uses it.

<meta name="keywords" content="keywords describing the page separated by
This has been so abused by people spamming the search engines that most
SEs don't pay attention to it, Google for example.  However, there are
some older ones that might, so it doesn't really hurt to keep it in.

<title> element - the most important and should have relevant keyword.

<h1> - <h6> heading elements - also used by search engines, <h1> typically
used for the title of the page, but should NOT be used just because it
might render as big and bold.

Adrienne Boswell
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Re: What is a meta-tags ??

| Hi !
| I'm filling Submit Wolf for an automatic publishing of my
| and they write about Meta-tags... What is that ??
| What is the code for meta-tags ??
| Thank's
check out /


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Re: What is a meta-tags ??

Mario wrote:
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Meta tags are a way to provide meta information about a document. i.e. Data
about data. - have a look for meta in
there for the spec.

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