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Sorry - it was an afterthought.

Re: won't validate

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Thus, the

Having tested it, I'm sad to say that only Mozilla and IE support this
tag, but Opera doesn't.  (I mean, HOORAY for sticking to the specs!)

I'm not trying to change the way whitespace is used, I'm trying to allow
browsers to break at syllables in the middle of long words.  It's an
accessibility thing with largefonts.

My menus get really ugly with huge fonts and tight places when the words
won't break.  When I added "ac<wbr />ces<wbr />si<wbr />bil<wbr />ity"
to the menu, it will look fine with all font sizes, even when a user
uses huge fonts.

I'm just wondering now if I should scrap the validation stuff in favor
of accessibility.   Hmmm.

-- Richard

Re: won't validate

Richard Barnet wrote:
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that road lies madness - you will never know if invalid markup is accessible
to your visitors.  take a step back and see if there's any simple changes
you can make to the design that will accommodate your needs.

William Tasso -

Re: won't validate

On Thu, 24 Jul 2003 15:46:17 -0700, "Richard Barnet"

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Jukka has a nice page on this problem of word breaks:



Nick Theodorakis

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