Re: W3C Markup Validation...if it's so important than why...

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Augustus wrote:
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that's a fairly damning, sweeping generalisation. your analysis of
motivation seems to be as flawed as your argument for invalid markup -
perhaps we should give the fair folk inhabiting these groups the opportunity
to join in.

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prove it.

which adds exactly how much to the benefit of surfers using browsers that
don't support the features. anybody still using <blink>...</blink>? - what a
splendid contribution to the online world that was.

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better browsers are a good thing - but even the very best will have to guess
what you mean if your page uses markup that is out-of-spec.

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no, they all have in built error correction to handle markup that is out of
spec.  each browser has its own methods for dealing with invalid markup
which is why standards compliance is important.  you know how your pages
will present your content with standard markup - you have no idea how they
will be presented on a browser/platform combo you haven't tested on.

bringing this back on-topic for the most
important UA to visit your pages is google-bot.  do you know how that
'browser' processes markup errors?

William Tasso -

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