Re: updated version of menu.....convert to z-index?

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 Richard wrote:


 > Still would like to know if this same setup could be done using z-index.

Ok. I know it's screwed up in netscape 7.2.
Any guesses as to why?

Re: updated version of menu.....convert to z-index?

Richard wrote:
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Your code is a total mess... hmm doesn't work in FireFox at all. Your
basic HTML is totally screwed up, so it's no wonder the javascript wont



HOW can you have a SCRIPT *INSIDE* a style? You really need to go back
to basics before you try cutting and pasting other ppls scripts - you
need to nail the symantics of HTML first. To be honest, the DynamicDrive
code you used is totally overkill for what you want anyway. I would
SERIOUSLY consider writing your own code... it is very simple.

Fix your HTML first, and post a working version of that back on your web
site and I'll show you how to do a really simple menu.


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