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Pete wrote:

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Possibly gzipped HTML? Maybe not.

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Re: Unreadable "HTML"

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Nope -- tried every decompressor I could think of... gunzip, unzip, compress -d
...  If I move the file over to a Linux machine and try 'file', it just
reports "data".  382 bytes is awfully short for even compressed data, anyway.

I think something very peculiar is going on, because every "html" file on the
CD shows up *twice* in a listing, with exactly the same values!  All the
other files are perfectly normal.  Maybe some weird protection on the CD??
But if so -- WHY?  I can get to all the actual info on the disc, which is
all PDF.

This is a hybrid ISO9660/Joliet CDROM, so maybe my system [BeOS if you
care] is confused somehow, but I've never seen it happen on other discs.
(Just went back and looked at some earlier SIGGRAPH CDROMs but of course
none of them used an HTML index!)

Very odd....
                    -- Pete --

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