Re: Tables with solid black borders?

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Michael Wilcox wrote:
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table {border: 1px solid black}

/* or depending on what you are after */

table, td {border: 1px solid black;border-collapse:collapse;}


Mostš browsers have bug that makes it look odd when border=1 is set in

That is unfortunate, as it will degrade badly. If so happens, you can use
HTML to set that, I don't remember how and it is deprecated and don't
have full support either.

[1] when I last checked, can't remember when.

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Re: Tables with solid black borders?

On Sun, 06 Jul 2003 23:51:48 GMT, "Michael Wilcox"

: If I do <table border=1> I get the standard outset border frames. How do I
: turn these into a solid, 1 pixel border (probably with css)? "border: 1px
: solid black" doesn't seem to do it right, so how do I do it?

why not?
<table style="border:2px solid black;"> does it fine.

url? Wanna see if TDs require it.


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