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First off, all your atributes should really be in quotes...

<td width="190"> not <td width=190>

It's just better coding and as the standards move along (especially
towards xhtml, the quotes are required).

What you may have to do is put some spacer graphics in cells A and B to
make sure they do not get any less than the specified width. Create
transparent GIFs of 190x1 and 150x1 and put them into those cells, that
way they can never shrink to less than that.

Re: tables, need help

Steve wrote:

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True and I agree. It's also a matter of parsing.
"By default, SGML requires that all attribute values be delimited using
either double quotation marks(...)"

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No. Don't edit spacer.gif for that.
First try to use <col> as it usually solves difficulties regarding
precise sizing of tables.

<table width="85%" border="1" frame="box">
<col width="190"><col width="150"><col width="*">
<td> text </td><!-- A -->
<td> other text </td><!-- B -->
<td>&nbsp;</td><!-- C -->
<td colspan="3">long text long text long text long text long text long
text long text</td><!-- D -->

I tested the code with a validated markup with DTD 4.01 strict and it
worked for me in MSIE 6. I think (not sure) it will work in MSIE 6 in
standards compliant rendering mode only.

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