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sinclar sodersas said...

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add to shopping cart -> you've successfully added this item to your
cart -> click here to view your cart -> there are no items in your
shopping cart -> click to continue shopping -> blank page.

and no i'm not going to tell you what browser i use because it should
be irrelevant.

also fix your errors: / /

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aaahhhhhaaaa <runs around in circles waving hands in the air squealing
like a little girl/>

brucie a. blackford. 30/June/2003 12:33:16 pm kilo. /

Re: site check

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It looks OK if the link's text is always bold. Why not save on a ton of ugly
HTML in your navigation column by creating your links like this instead of
in a new table?:

<style> {
border:solid black 2px;
font:bold 12px arial;
text-decoration: none;
} {
text-decoration: none;
} {
<a class="link" href="#">Home</a>
<a class="link" href="?">Contact Us</a>

Save on some javascript. And Why are you using the onlick method to set the
window's location when you are coding the href attribute? That's what the
href attribute does!??


Re: site check

ok i will  and i'm not waving any flags  i'm NOt a little girl  i just
don't know squat about webpage ...html  code

and thank you for your support i will check out
BTW what did you mean ..about the shopping cart  what did you get ???
so i can fix the error too

Re: site check says...
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No freebies for friends, huh?

Re: site check

TechnoHippie said...

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it gets expensive giving friends freebies, how about business in kind?

brucie a. blackford. 01/July/2003 07:27:49 am kilo. /

Re: site check


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checkpoints of the W3C Web Content Accessibility Guidelines, and
requires repairs and manual verification.

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Priority 2  3 30  14 62
Priority 3  2 30  12 12
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