Re: Reserved syntax for future script macros?

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Netscape 4 had a mechanism for doing this that was dropped in subsequent
versions. It suffers from the problem that it is unclear what is
expected to happen on JavaScript incapable or disabled browsers. To be
useful there would have to be a mechanism that would allow the inclusion
of a sensible default value for the attribute. I don't see any such
defaulting mechanism in the script macro syntax on that page.

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It might be that making this a reserved syntax is an attempt to stop
people from implementing it in browsers.

Given that modern JavaScript capable browsers will allow attribute
values to be dynamically altered by scripts I don't see any need for
this anyway. Better to have the HTML define workable attributes and use
an onload handler to give JavaScript the opportunity modify the page.
That way you have a clear idea of what is going to happen if JavaScript
is unavailable (or the required features are not implemented on the


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