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On or around 8 Jul 2003 05:59:21 -0700, there was a message, possibly
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That's a new one to me.  A preprocessor can be written and run in
almost any language, and no server on the local machine is needed.

A preprocessor simply writes completed HTML files, built from your
simpler input files.  Then you  use an FTP client to upload them to
your site, or you can have your preprocessing program upload them for
you, if it has the ability.

 It's ~~really~~ easy to do this with Perl, or you can download all
sorts of preprocessors for free.  I prefer this solution to SSI
because you can do more complex things with a preprocessor.

For instance, if you have consecutive pages as in a story, you can
have the preprocessor figure out the previous and next page, and
insert the correct links on the page. (preprocessed with
a quick-and-dirty Perl script)

Complex genealogy sites (hundreds of pages) with interlinked names can
be generated from a single 'gedcom' genealogy file with a preprocessor
-- in seconds. is one location where you can get
such scripts.  Since the source code is all there, you can modify them
to your own needs easily if you know a little Perl.

Preprocessors are a great aid, and don't have the disadvantages of
WYSIWIG editors, because all your (X)HTML code is, in effect, hand
written.  The preprocessor just puts together the parts and does a
little figuring for you.


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On or around Tue, 08 Jul 2003 19:55:50 +0100, there was a message,

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Yes, you have me there.  Not everyone with SSI will also have
privileges to run Perl or PHP programs.    Earthlink, for instance,
provides their base subscribers with some space for a site and
provides SSI, but no server side languages until you buy a more
expensive site.    Preprocessed pages also don't present problems
to search engines that some pages processed on the fly do.
And then there's the overhead of starting a seperate process if
you call exec with SSI.  Certainly there are classes of pages that
are done better on the fly, but in many cases preprocessing will save
the server some load and save the visitor extra time.

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On Tue, 08 Jul 2003 21:45:14 +0000, m wrote:

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Well, you can make things a bit more efficient:

<!--#include virtual="./" -->

where "" is a FIFO:

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