Re: p3p and inline files like M3U

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Well Silly me. I was at least thinking that it was something that actually
made sense. This is a new bug - oh I meant feature - introduced by
Microsoft in a security patch to IE5 and with IE6 when used with Windows
MediaPlayer 7.x. When either gets an inline m3u file, they pass the URL and
not the data over to mediaplayer. That means the URL gets requested twice -
once by the browser and once again by WMM - which doesn't understand this
new fangled stuff like headers and m3u data stream. Naturally this only
happens with Microsoft and WMM, not with any other audio agent or any other
browser combination.

I can't find this documented anywhere. I couldn't believe what the behavior  
and diagnostics in my code was telling me until I actually saw it with a
packet sniffer.

I can't think of enough nasty and insulting things to say about this.


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