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Are you sure it's a sixth-level heading? Have you got h1, h2, h3, h4,
and h5 before it?

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Don't use </input>. It's invalid in classic HTML, not recommended in
XHTML either, and implies a serious risk with no potential gain.

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Ditto here. But you score 42 bonus points for using a normal submit
button instead of an image submit button and for not including a
destroy ("reset") button.

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Works more or less as designed. The name=value pair gets included only
for "active controls" - which is a somewhat vague term, but it is
natural to think that a submit button is "active control" if and only
if it was used to submit the form (e.g., by clicking on it, or by
tabbing to it and hitting Enter).

However, beware that browser interpretations vary. Some browsers think
that hitting Enter in a text input field is equivalent to using the
submit button - or _a_ submit button (things get more complex if there
are several submit buttons in a form).

The bottom line is that your form handler should not expect to know
which technique was used to submit the form, at least if there is a
text input field in the form. For more info, check

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