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Chad Lupkes wrote:
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Anchors are fine as they work even is script is not supported.
If you want to use script then you can use
   window.scrollTo(0, 0)
to scroll to the top. To scroll to the bottom you need to find the
length of the page which is browser dependant, try
   window.scrollTo(0, document.height ? document.height :


    Martin Honnen /

Re: looking for the right command

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Maybe because there is no need for links pointing to the start or end of a
document, still less "commands".

Each user agent has a comfortable command (real command) for moving to the
start or the end. For example, using the "Home" key takes to the start,
the "End" key takes to the end, on IE, on any Web page (unless the page
"designer" has successfully managed to break the browser functionality
through security holes). Other browsers have other commands for those

Folloups trimmed.

Yucca, /
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Re: looking for the right command

Hi Sid,

It's mostly a curiosity to see what other options are available.  I designed
a site where each page has multiple sections, and at the end of each
section, I placed an #include command to bring in a navigation file.  This
navigation file has links to the #top and #nav, which is always at the
bottom of the page.  When I was going through the site with Dreamweaver
after a host move to clean up the broken links and loose ends, I noticed
that the links in the navigation file were being treated as broken because
the anchors are identified outside that file.  It got me wondering what else
I could do.

Here's the site if you're interested:

Chad Lupkes /
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doing it

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