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I also cross-posted to alt.html to see what help we can get there.

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Probably your HTML files are written in UTF8. What editor are you using to
save the HTML files?

In order to change the page's encoding you need to do two things:

(1) write something at the top of the page (in the <head> section) about the
(2) make sure that what you have written is the correct encoding.

There are some tools to convert from one encoding to another.

In your page it says the following:

<meta content="MSHTML 6.00.2900.2873" name="GENERATOR">

Is there some way to fiddle with the content generator to get Shift-JIS or
other encodings?

If you are not sure what this all means, there is some incomplete info about
Japanese encodings at my website, below.

sci.lang.japan FAQ:

Re: Japanese encoding

Ben Bullock wrote:
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This specifies the encoding, it doesn't change it :) - and its not very
reliable. Encoding it in the <head> section is very much the poor man's
solution, and HTTP headers will trump it.

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