Re: Is Spamming The World?

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On Sat, 05 Jul 2008 00:00:00 +0200, Neredbojias wrote:
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Oh my goodness.  Someone on the internet is trying to send spam!  Phone
the police!  Call out the reserves!  Get my gun!  Pannic!  PAANNIC!

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Ok, your site is working then.  Have a pat on the back.

Saying is sending spam is like saying the internet itself is
sending spam.  True though, if you disconnect the internet, you won't get

The spam is being sent by the customer of the customer of the customer of
the customer of, via the some of the companies you have listed.
None of them is sending spam either.  You can trace it around the world
and try to find someone who (a) cares, and (b) has the power to stop it,
or you can just block or filter it yourself like the rest of the world

Its only really worth asking about if the spammer is too clever for you
and is getting through, but it seems that that is not the case.


Re: Is Spamming The World?

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You're probably right but it just seems like such a futile philosophy.  Of
course I'm used to futility ever since my original program for training
women to avoid pregnancy went belly up.

PS: I had some real comments about your message but Ed Mullen's post puts a
new light on things.

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