Re: IMG tag not showing up in SSI

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On Sun, 23 Nov 2003 19:15:01 -0500, "DollarBill"

: I just updated an SSI on a site.  When I changed the name of the image file
: and uploaded the new include page and the image file, the server no longer
: recognized the img tag.
: Let me be more clear, the tag was being stripped completely.  It didn't even
: show up in the source.  I know it's there.  When I "view" from ws_ftp, the
: tag is there.  It's when I load the page and "View/Source" with Opera, it's
: gone.
: The img tag was this:
: <img src="/images/banner.jpg" alt="blah">
: When I changed the tag and the image name to:
: <img src="/images/logo_banner.jpg" alt="blah">
: It worked.
: Is this some strange or am I missing something here?  Honest to Godot, it
: happened this way!!

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Re: IMG tag not showing up in SSI

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Good point!!  I'm going to try changing the image name to something else and
see what happens.  After I changed the name to logo_banner, I changed it
back just in case maybe there was some hidden character in the tag.  Same
result, tag disappears.

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