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So, basically, you admit you're nothing but a hack who copies other
people's work.


Too bad there's nothing original in that head of yours, eh?

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Still haven't figured out sigs, huh?

Alan Baker
Vancouver, British Columbia
"If you raise the ceiling 4 feet, move the fireplace from that wall
to that wall, you'll still only get the full stereophonic effect
if you sit in the bottom of that cupboard."


On Fri, 02 Dec 2005 23:32:50 -0800, Onideus Mad Hatter took a five-minute
break from flipping burgers to boot the etch-a-sketch and scribble out:

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I know the damn thing keeps asking me to upgrade. (Stupid Windows
program.)  I just tell it no thanks and continue listening. Of course, I
have most of my stuff now on my *nix box and listen through AmaroK.


linux - genuine windows replacement part


Noodles Jefferson wrote:

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I've also seen this quote as:

"Times are bad. Children no longer obey their parents, and everyone is
writing a book."

However, I've not been able to find any Latin version of the quote, so I
assume it's apocryphal. Which is a pity really, because it would be nice
if it were true.

Toby A Inkster BSc (Hons) ARCS
Contact Me  ~


hamburger, threw it on the grill, and I said "Oh wow"...

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I found it in Isaac Asimov's book of facts. Hell, I don't know. Maybe it
is all bullshit. I did a quick google search and with a few variations,
most of them read exactly like my sig. They all gankin' my sig man,
wanna roll up on those suckas and POW! Oh yeah, the quote, right.
Anyway, One site listed that there really is a clay tablet and it's an
instanbull but it's a whacko religious site, so who knows. Everything
else is like "uh...I heard it somewhere and stuff."

But it trips me out, so I use it.

Noodles Jefferson
mhm31x9 Smeeter#29 WSD#30
sTaRShInE_mOOnBeAm aT HoTmAil dOt CoM

NP: "The Road to Chicago" -- Thomas Newman (Road to Perdition

"Our earth is degenerate in these latter days, bribery and corruption
are common, children no longer obey their parents and the end of the
world is evidently approaching."
--Assyrian clay tablet 2800 B.C.

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