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It simply means the site is probable using secure socket layer (SSL) to
encrypt the traffic between the host and the client. This makes it
impossible for anybody *else* to look at the traffic.

This has nothing to do with looking at your system and determing who you
are, which anybody can do if you have not closed your ports correctly with
an appropriate firewall or proxy server.

PS, don't believe everything you read.


Re: https sites??

My Liege wrote:
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I've had enough of this troll.



Mark Parnell

Re: https sites??

Anonymous Sender said...

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no but if a person uses internet explorer it has a security hole over
two years old that allows real time decryption of encrypted traffic.

if a person uses windows/IE anyone can take control of their computer
and find out whatever they like. just as if they were sitting in front
of it. a firewall is not going to help. all it requires is for the
person to view a web page or an email.

IE has a lot of "silent delivery and installation of an executable"
security holes. yet another one was discovered last week.

brucie a. blackford. 01/August/2003 06:15:51 pm kilo. /

Re: https sites??

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Aw shucks and I thought ML was my own personal secretary. Seems that
he's been tarting his services around the whole group. Shame.


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