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I hosted on Yahoo 'bout a year back.  Their php was a little dated but
html and css no problem.  Uptime was great.

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Re: HTML Help, Please

Hi Adrienne.  Please read my reply at the bottom of this original message:

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Hi Adrienne,

Well, I moved all of the files with the template up to Yahoo, and here is
how it looks:

I know that you are saying, "Big deal.....geeze."  But, this is a major
victory for me.

Now, I only have to do one thing.  The header is a beautiful picture of a
It is called "header.jpg." and is 430 x 210.

Here's the template, called Chic02: /

As you can see, it is not at the top of my page.

The file is uploaded, but I don't know how or where to put the instructions
for the page to show "header.jpg".

I tried very hard to combine the CSS and html, and I'm 90% of the way there.

Once I can get the photo to show, I'm in business.

If not, I'll find another pretty picture to put there.  I have several that
I can use.

But, I don't know how to say, "Put that picture called header.jpg at the top
of the page." And, more importantly, I don't know where to put the command,

Please look at the source code and tell me if I am doing ok.

Guru, I've done all I can for now.  Please help me out with this one.

I hope that you'll respond.  Thank you very much!  Jim

Re: HTML Help, Please

Jim wrote:
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That 'command' is already there - in the CSS. The problem is that the
image is not available, as you can see by going directly to its correct
location in a browser:

To fix this, upload the images folder that came with the template.

Re: HTML Help, Please


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It is not the fault of the pic, it is that it is not included in the
source mark up. You can look up the source under View in your browser
and see there is no img element for it. You might need to go to some
Yahoo group for advice about their interface if you do not use the
normal way of establishing and maintaining a website (having docs and
pics on your local computer and uploading them to a web server via FTP).

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Re: HTML Help, Please

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As a subsequent poster reminded me, it could (and was) a background
image and in the CSS. Sorry. I need to finish the first cup of tea of
the day...

So it is not loaded up right. I will leave you in the hands of Yahoo


Re: HTML Help, Please

dorayme wrote:
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None of the images are loaded. They all get a 404, except of course for the
one yahoo puts in there to surrupticiously track visitors (OP 404  means the
file is not found on the server).

Are those images in a folder called image, as in

Remember servers are usually case sensitive.

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