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I've worked in printing before. And yes, it is easier when you can learn
the whole process and get good at the tools as you go. I started on a
Heidelberg press before I knew what I was doing.

But in the case of HTML, you can't see the gears turning and the ink
getting low. It's like training a pressman who has never used an ink pen
or a wheel before.

Essentially, web design is not intuitive.

Spacegirl's advice to look at some tutorials that deal with HTML4.01 is
great. Get familiar with the ingredients before you throw them into a pot,
because it's extremely hard to uncook a soup.

I'd advise lurking in alt.html and similar newsgroups as well, and in time
you will develop a holistic idea of good web design.

One think to keep firmly in mind - the most broadly-accessible sites are
designed in such a way that the layout works regardless of the size of the
viewport. Imagine a graphic layout job where you had to put the same
content on 8 1/2 x 11, on a 3x5 card, on a poster, and for branding
purposes you want to use the same look in each case. In print we modify
the layout for each size, but on the web we create one layout that will
flex to each size. That's a very important distinction.

Print-experienced web designers too often go overboard on graphics. On the
internet each graphic must be downloaded, and even fairly small images
take significant time to download. So do as much as you can of your design
with the colors and borders available in CSS. But to do this, you must
learn how HTML and CSS work, and there's no shortcut, sadly.

A football coach who does not understand the strengths, weaknesses,
personalities and individualism of each of his players cannot lead them to
victory. Similarly, a web designer without knowledge of similar detail of
the HTML tags and the CSS properties cannot make a web page that truly

Don't even worry about images right now. That will be easy once you know
the code.

Re: General recommendation for someone who never built a site before

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Judging by the way you prepared your entire post, you are a highly
intelligent individual (OK)....

You now have one more path to add to your quest:

Web Design, Magic, Painting, Junking, More
Paint A House
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Re: General recommendation for someone who never built a site before

On Fri, 02 Apr 2004 22:29:08 +0000, Beauregard T. Shagnasty wrote:

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A broad familiarity with HTTP itself is immensely helpful.  Google will
point you in the direction of the Hypertext Transfer Protocol RFCs, if you
ask it nicely.

Some say the Wired doesn't have political borders like the real world,
but there are far too many nonsense-spouting anarchists or idiots who
think that pranks are a revolution.

Re: General recommendation for someone who never built a site before

On Sat, 3 Apr 2004 04:18:24 -0500, Whitecrest

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And every time you use it, you're slamming the door in somebody's face,
unless you're very careful to make it non-essential.

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