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What I do get is the fact that you have decided what a web based
presentation can be, and are unwilling to see anything else.  Can you
direct me to a SMIL site that has, images, flash, and html integrated
with video.  I really need to see one.  What's that?  You can't because
SMIL is incapable of doing that.  

See the problem is that you are looking through blinders when you look
at what a web based presentation can do. Proof of this is where you say
that there is nothing more than moving images and video. This is so far
from reality that I laugh when I read it.

A web based presentation can integrate the video, and the timing with
the timing of the flash.  We do this all the time.  You can not do the
same with SMIL because Real player (the only player that supports SMIL
to any degree) can not use a flash presentation, or html as a slide.  

What if the slide you want to display during the video is an interactive
Flash application that talks to a database (say a poll, or even the
ability to change the video you are watching based on your choice in the
flash object) Features like this are by far the most popular when it
comes to our clients (which includes Turner south, CNN, Streaming faith,
University of Alabama, CCF, and HBO).  Sorry, you can not do this with
SMIL.  That's what you don't get. Now, if you want all these things (and
the clients do) and if you want to make sure that your presentation
works on the Mac as well at on the PC then you must use frames to

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And there is part of the problem.  You think that is what flash is.  

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I mentioned above one very popular example of what you can do with
frames, javascript, video, flash, images, and html, that you can not do
with SMIL.  If you disagree, then please point me to a page that does
all that with SMIL.

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Re: Frames- How can a direct the hyperlink?

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But that *is* what Flash is!

Can Flash generate unique smells? tastes? Can it make three dimensional
hands pop out of the screen and tickle your toes?!

No. All Flash can do if draw pictures (including moving pictures) onto the
screen and play sounds out of your speakers. How many *times* do I need to
*explain* this?!?!?!

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You said that you can't "integrate a flash file with a slideshow using
SMIL" [which is patent nonsense anyway, as RealPlayer supports the Flash
plugin, images (which are all that are needed for a slideshow) and SMIL]
but you miss out on the bigger idea:

Even if a particular technology (e.g. Flash) is unavailable in SMIL, the
end result can still be achieved (e.g. replace the Flash file with an MPEG
file that is a screen capture of the Flash file.)

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And I say again, by your statement, you have no idea what flash can do.
Visit a few of the Flash forums for a while and learn what you can do
with it.  Then you will see how wrong you are.

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