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What? You want to run javascript and unreliable things like mailto (which
only launghes an email client anyway, when it works) on an unspecified email
client? Well, it's not going to happen.

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 Stop wanting this?


Re: Email Read Acknowledgement

Dan Whitaker wrote:
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I know it's not the answer you want, Dan, but - mercifully - it's not
possible without the recipients intervention, thought there is a security
issue with some versions of Outlook that can be exploited on unpatched

If it's any consolation, the fact that this can't be done is the only thing
that keeps email functioning - if it were possible, then every spammer would
use it, the amount of spam traffic would therefore double at a stroke and
the internet would grind to a halt :(

If you feel that any of the above is incorrect,
inappropriate or offensive in any way,
please ignore it and accept my apologies.

Re: Email Read Acknowledgement

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I am also looking for a function which as well as replying will send an
attachment called 'ILOVEYOU' and it would be even more convenient if it sent
this attachment to all the addresses in my Outlook addy book.


Re: Email Read Acknowledgement

Peter & Thomas, Thanks for y9ur replies. I do blieve though, that the
email agent i was using back in 1998 was MSN mail which was, I believe,
part of Microsof Office and it definitely did have a function whereby
you could specify that you wanted to beinformend when a recipient opened
mail you had snt to them qand it worked flawlessly. It was a good
feature if you wanted to know that the people you sent a critical memo
to had gotten the message. For instance, if you announced a meeting in
conference room A at 10:00 Thursday you would like to know that all the
people who should be there had at least gotten the announcement.
And hey, spmmers will be spammers and will figure out a way to get to
you one way or another. I don;t think we should consider unhinging all
of the good fearures of the internet that spammers might be able to take
advantage of. If we did that, the best way would be to just shut the
internet down. No more spam, eh? :-)

Anyway, thanks guys.

Re: Email Read Acknowledgement says...
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It didn't work flawlessly. Even for people using MS products - you can
send me an email if you like. I'll pick it up in Outlook, but you won't
get a read receipt.

If you're using 'mailto:' then there's a good chance the email won't be
sent at all (hotmail, anyone?).

If you set a header of:

Then I suppose there's at least a chance that you'll get a recipt when
it reaches their inbox.


Re: Email Read Acknowledgement

Gee thanks Richard. Downright unfriendly you are. Just like the folks
where I came from. Now I know why I left there.
I am quite aware that VERY MANY things do't work on ALL systems but I
doubt very seriously that MAILTO: wouldn't work on almost every system
since it is the direct method of sending something out to an  SMPT
server as much as http:// is the way to send something out directly to a
TCP/IP server.

Besides, I DIDN'T SAY I wanted to use either MAILTO: or Javascript. I
was asking for a suggestion as to how to do what I wanted to do.  
Boy, I'm sorry I ruined your day guy.

If you are going to be so openly critical make sure you know what you
are talking about.

Sheesh, if there is anything worse than arrogance it is uninformed

Dan Whitaker  

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