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Yes. And I almost considered trying to help you do the same, until I
realized you're multiposting. Clues for the clueless:

Yucca, /
Pages about Web authoring:


and then Jukka K. Korpela said:
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My post yesterday to ciwam did not even make it in 24 hours from my bt
server at work to my home (ntl), and usually posts that I make at work are
there quicker than I can commute, so I assumed that it got eaten and posted
it again.  Sorry if it bothered you a great deal.


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Ah, nice to know it's not just me then.

For my first site I managed to get into Google in four months. took a
little over two years. I have high hopes of being entered into the Yahoo
directory sometime in the next decade...

The UK Sci-Fi TV Book Guide /
The Telefantasy Times /


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Once I was lucky. I tried to add one of my project to DMOZ, but found
no appropriate category. I wrote message to upper level category
editor and asked him to add new category and put my site into it. And
you know, he did it.

Maybe it happened because we both were Ukrainians and site was added
to Ukrainian regional category :)

On the other hand I tried a lot to add my own site to Freelancers
category and did not manage to do it during about a year. Every few
months I try again to add it but nothing happens.

Regards, Igor Slyusar.


none@example.invalid says...
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Let's say you're a microwave manufacturer:

The procedure, so far as I've experienced it, is:

Find the 'microwave manufacturer' category.
Submit your site.
Wait a few months.
Try again.
Wait a few months.
Repeat as necessary.
Figure there's no editor actually managing it.

Think to yourself "Hey - it's a commercial category. If someone wants to
be in it, they'll apply.  I could edit it - no big deal. Someone emails
me & asks to be in the category. I check they're a microwave
manufacturer & that their site links to microwave-manufacturing type
things, and, boom, stick them in.

So you apply to edit the category.
Some editor-type then asks you to supply 20 links that you'd add to the
category were you appointed the exalted post of "Editor of Business:
Consumer Goods and Services: Home and Garden: Appliances: Kitchen and
Dining: Countertop: Microwaves"

Jeeze, you think, what's the point of that? It's commercial. Build and
they will come.

But, heck, you spend a couple of hours googling around for new entries
(ie other people who've failed to get listed) and send in a list.
A month later you're rejected on the grounds that the links aren't
creative enough, or some such bollox.

Fsk it then, you opine.


Jukka K. Korpela wrote:

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I just LOVE that elitist attitude: "I WAS going to help you but you made
a mistake when you posted so now I'm not going to. <sticks tongue out>"
  The alleged "clued" need to get different clues, it seems.

Robert Hampton
Genesis POS
(866) 942-8813 Voice
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