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We have traffic coming to our sites (say A, B & C)
which we want to redirect to an e-commerce site.
We would prefer that visitors not be required to
click on a link or banner to initiate the
re-direction (even better if the A, B & C sites
aren't visible at all). The catch is that the
e-commerce site gives us a url like this to go on our sites,
so they know where the traffic comes from. (Our
code goes where the "p" is at the end.)

Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.
Thanks in advance.

Re: Re-direct traffic

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If you are using a Windows server you can redirect using IIS.

- J

Re: Re-direct traffic

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bill wrote:

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Ahh, it's one of those annoying sites isn't it? The kind that I get when I
click on a link and am directed automatically, and without any confirmation,
to a website that I didn't want to visit in the first place, and when I
press BACK it pushes me forward again. Right?

Well don't. Put a link in and ask the people to click.

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Re: Re-direct traffic

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when I
when I

Actually, it's not.

I have a keyword for a search engine that installs in IE. If you just
put in a word or phrase, the search engine goes to the URL of the
person who paid for that word or term. (And I did make sure that if
users do not like this installed search engine, it is uninstallable
and Ad-Aware will remove it as well. The search engine is not mine,
but I did not want to do business with the type of company that jams a
search tool into IE without asking or being easily removed.)

Say I own the keyword "life insurance" -- I want any user who puts
that keyword in their address bar to go to an insurance agent who will
pay me an affiliate commission. There is no point in requiring the
user to stop on my site and click a link: they already put "life
insurance" in their address bar, so they want to go to a life
insurance site.


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