Re: CSS float vertically?

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(Yes, in a fairly complicated way that crosses over many browser bugs.
Ever tried to float a list?)

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It's usually best to state your _goal_ in the beginning (and write the
Subject line according to it) than to start from an assumed technical
solution and only thereafter, if ever, tell what you really want to
achieve. One reason to this is that the assumed solutions are usually
dead ends.

In this case, you might _possibly_ (depending on overall page structure
and design, which you told nothing about) be able to achieve the goal
by making the text absolutely positioned (at the start) and leaving a
corresponding top margin or top padding for the rest of the content.

On the other hand, why would the text be of primary importance to
search engines, if it is not that to human readers? It's really the
opposite move that sometimes makes sense: if you have a site navigation
menu at the start of each page, it would make much sense to put it last
in HTML markup (since it is rather irrelevant, even disturbing, to
search engine users) but use CSS positioning to make it appear visually
first. (And it would make even more sense to consider removing it or at
least putting it last every way, but I digress.)

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