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See yourself at
This page has no specified encoding (charset). You may choose any
encoding (charset) in your browser and see what happens.

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I don't understand how this relates to character coding.

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Re: Charset

On Tue, 24 Feb 2004 21:37:24 +0100, Andreas Prilop

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When I write a question, I try to provide enough information about my
application for the answer so I don't send people off on wild goose

Before I post a question here I try to do some basic research on the
question so I don't ask a question that is easily answered by a Google
search.  Googling "define: charset" I come up with:

"short for character set; the set of characters and symbols that a web
page uses. Most operating systems use the same charset, but foreign
countries, especially those with non-Roman alphabets, sometimes do

That doesn't tell me what might happen if I don't include charset in
my document, so I asked the question here.  It does tell me that
something might happen if my page is to be read in a foreign country
on a computer that is set up differently.  So, I took that out of
consideration by specifying that this is not a factor for me.  The
same general principle applies with the non-commercial reference.  If
that's a factor, I'll eliminate it in the phrasing of the question.

If you wish to chase wild geese, that's fine.  Sometimes a question in
a newsgroup leads to discussion of peripheral topics.  But, if you do
so, it won't be because I didn't give you enough information in my


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