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On Sat, 11 Sep 2004 07:34:40 +0000, Phlip wrote:

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Seconded.  cgicc works way better if you want it to output compliant HTML
than if you want "normal" (nonstandard, table-driven, or otherwise
silly) HTML, though. IMO this is a feature, though from the mailing list I
seem to be in the minority.

Some say the Wired doesn't have political borders like the real world,
but there are far too many nonsense-spouting anarchists or idiots who
think that pranks are a revolution.

Re: c++ web scripting

Owen Jacobson wrote:
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I tried cgicc prior to posting.  The difference is the application
development cycle.  I assume there are three steps with cgicc: edit
the code, run the compiler, and then reload the browser.  When I say
scripting engine, I mean that there are only two steps: edit the code,
and reload the browser.

I see ch is an interpreter for a superset of C (with classes from
C++), but not full C++.  Not only that, but I don't want
interpretation, I want cached, natively-compiled executables.

Like another poster said, it would be fairly easy to implement such a
thing. I'm just surprised it hasn't yet.  Why use .Net for your web
projects when you can use C++, and skip the extra layer of complexity?

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