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Re: C++ Tutorial (a beginner's)

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Well ....  A hypothetical student does have enough resources to
determine whether code you supply, or he/she writes using your tutorial
(1) compiles with a particular C compiler (whichever one he/she is
using) and (2) seems to give correct results for whatever test data
is supplied, by you or the student.  Those are useful things to know,
and they are evidence that what's in your tutorial has merit.

But ....  Compiling code with a single compiler and testing it
with a limited amount of data doesn't necessarily tell the whole
story, right?  Does it imply that the code will compile with any
standard-conforming compiler?  Does it imply that the code gives
correct results for other input data?  Does it imply anything about
whether there are better solutions/approaches than what you provide?
These are the kinds of questions about which an expert's opinion
might be helpful.

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B. L. Massingill
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