Rant review of two html editors

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The two editors that are nice and decent that I have tried are Kompozer and
Problem with them is, they fuck up the code.

In Kompozer, I went to enter   into a line of code.
Kompozer automatically spit out &amp 
Because the rules say that when you use "&" in text, you should technically
use &amp.
Someone went to all that trouble to make sure the code was halfway decent
and they totally botched it. Simply because they didn't apply the rules
So in the trash it goes.

Amaya is another great tool. Does a decent job for a wysiwyg editor,
Except that Amaya hasn't got a clue as to how write a style sheet.
Neither did Kompozer.
Amaya applies inline styling.
So that each and every item you want to style winds up with more damn
blasted code in the line. When all they should do, is in their dialog box,
ask for a class name or an ID name and apply it to the code line and then
write to a style sheet.

Then I alson noticed that in Anaya, at least on one page I was testing,
using 4.01 transitional, Anaya automatically applies the / to tags.
So you'd see something like <caption /> instead of <caption></caption>

Running that code through a validator would certainly generate a few

Can someone pkease write a decent wysiwyg editor that passes validation and
does coding as us humans will do?

OH and don't even mention dreamweaver. It is bloatware and I won't touch
the damn thing. I have used it before.

Re: Rant review of two html editors

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A good place to ask would be alt.html - if there's anyone there you
haven't pissed off, they'd answer.

But I thought you bragged about how you didn't need a silly wysiwyg
editor and used Notepad?
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Re: Rant review of two html editors

Evan Platt wrote:
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I believe in Kompozer (haven't looked at it in years) there is an option
to enable|disable reformatting the markup. In SeaMonkey it it "Preserve
original source formatting"

Take care,


Re: Rant review of two html editors

On 6/7/2012 9:40 AM, Jonathan N. Little wrote:
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I'm unfamiliar with Amaya since I haven't tried it, however, I have
played a little with Seamonkey's Composer (and its decendents) which
basically is Netscape's Composer, from which Nvu (discontinued) is
basically the decedent and of which, in turn, Komposer is a continuation
(the author seems to have gotten tired of this project). The last
(complete rewrite, recent and on-going development) is that of Blue
Griffon which also handles HTML5.  http://bluegriffon.org /


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