quotes in class/id names

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are the quotes in like class="name" absolutely necessary?

Re: quotes in class/id names

richard wrote:
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In XHTML, yes. In HTML, not if the name consists of only letters,
digits, underscores, hyphens, periods, and colons.

But it's still good practice to use them. It makes your code more
readable, because inconsistency makes code more difficult to read. You
*will* need quotes, for example, for URLs that contain slashes, text
field values that include spaces, and so forth. It also makes the code
easier to write: you don't have to keep thinking, for each attribute,
"Wait, can I get by without quotes on this one?" It's more flexible
because, for example, you can use multiple classes as in
class="thisclass thatclass" without making them a special case.

Besides, why would you want to omit them?

Re: quotes in class/id names

On Tue, 18 Dec 2007 11:04:35 -0500, Harlan Messinger

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Just curious. I've run a page I'm working on through the validator and
it doesn't seem to care about that.

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