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I have a folder with a few .asp pages in it. Can I convert them all to .htm
or .html without having to go over them all? I'm using Dreamweaver as my


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gafferNoTSpam@ntlworld.com says...
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Dunno.  What's in them?  If there's server-side content odds are you'll
knacker your site.  If there's not server-side content DW might even
rename all the links for you.  Why not try it?


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I don't want to edit the html code. I just want to change the page
extensions, ie.: index.asp will now be index.htm. You get me? Can I do this?


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(you seem to like simple answers)

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Andy Dingley wrote:
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Agreed, NO. Yes you could rename them  'ren *.asp *.html' but chances
are the ASP pages contain ASP server-side scripting. HTML is static, or
dynamic with client-side scripting. The actual content code would have
to be changed....

Take care,

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I KNOW I can change them. It's my bloody site and I can do as I wish. But
HOW do I change all the pages (ie.: index.asp, menu.asp, links.asp,
htmlnonsense.asp) so that the extension changes (ie.: index.htm, menu.htm,
links.htm, htmlnonsense.htm). Do I have to open each page, click "save as"
index.htm and do the same for each page, or can I change them all at once.
I'm talking about the actually file, not the html code!!


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Gaffer wrote:
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Well, a bash script along the lines of:

for x in *.asp
do mv "$x" "`echo $x | sed s/\.asp/.html/`"

...will probably do the job. Macs come with bash, and you can download it
for Windows from http://www.cygwin.com /

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David Dorward wrote:
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Does Win have the equiv of rename?


rename  will  rename  the specified files by replacing the first occur-
rence of from in their name by to.

  For example, given the files foo1, ..., foo9, foo10, ...,  foo278,  the

          rename foo foo0 foo?
          rename foo foo0 foo??

    will turn them into foo001, ..., foo009, foo010, ..., foo278.

          rename .htm .html *.htm

    will fix the extension of your html files.

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Gazing into my crystal ball I observed "Gaffer"

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The question is why do you need to change them? After all, the ASP script
writes HTML to the browser.

If have any ASP code in the page at all, the browser will render it.  For
<p>Hello World</p>
<% response.write "Hello World in ASP"%>

will show:
Hello World
<% response.write "Hello World in ASP"%>

If you are doing this because of search engines have difficulties with
dynamic URL's then you can get a component to rewrite the URL for you.  
Look at <http://www.isapirewrite.com/

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